Faces in Frankie magazine

Yesterday I received Frankie with the article of my faces! A pity that there is a mistake in the printing with one picture. I put the text of the interview below here, because it's not readable from the picture.

Making faces
Anja Brunt is a bit of a macgyver when it comes to eyes, ears, mouths and noses

Tell us a little about yourself I am a graphic designer living in Amsterdam, Holland, with my boyfriend and our two rabbits. I love to be outdoors, especially on the Wadden Islands in the north of Holland. My favourite spot in Amsterdam is Artis Zoo. 

What is the 365 Faces Project? Just a project for pleasure. For one year, I created a face every day and published it on the project’s blog. The faces came 'out of nowhere', there were no rules or restrictions. I have to use a computer for work every day, and I just wanted to discover and play with new things without computer. 

What kinds of materials do you use to create the faces? Lots of different stuff, actually. I like materials without value, crazy objects and rubbish picked up from the street. I don’t really have to find materials. They arise pretty spontaneously.

Many of the faces seem pretty happy. Do you ever change up the emotions? It’s more fun to make a happy face. However, there are also anxious, strange and sad faces in the collection. My fans like a happy face much better!

Did you know there's a word for seeing faces in unusual places - 'pareidolia’? When I started the blog on 1 january 2011, I wasn’t aware of that. However, my followers keep sending all kinds of examples of ‘found’ faces. And now I see faces everywhere.

What do you think has been your most creative face to date? That’s a difficult question. The effect of combining a woollen face with an old picture or vintage postcard really surprised me. I did a few of these and placed them in a cardboard box, which creates a very striking piece of art. 

When and why did you extend the project to 1001 Faces? End of 2011. When the original project drew to a close, I suddenly realised how much I would miss making them. This 1001 seemed a funny number and I would be able to reach it in a few years. 

Do you think you'll ever run out of design ideas? I don’t expect that. Doing this is very much ‘me’. Already as a kid I was busy drawing, doing all kinds of handicrafts, building tree houses.

What do you hope to achieve with this project? In the beginning, I didn’t want to ‘achieve’ anything. Getting very nice feedback from a lot of people and from the press changed this a little bit. Recently, the Dutch publishing house BIS has launched a memory game based on my faces. Which you can get through my blog. In future I would love to make a book and calendar.

What's coming up next? More faces?
No more faces after 1001. I want to do something with animals, nature art, making toy’s ... my life is too short.

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